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Siren Head haunted house – scary horror Adventure APK MOD

Siren Head haunted house – scary horror Adventure .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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Siren head go out in night looking for prey. kill siren head before it will kill you in a creepy atmosphere but run from evil nun ghost. siren head will appear that looks like a zombie PLAGUE .This is chapter 1 and we will add chapter 2 and more chapters.For all fans of spooky siren head the hantu jogo, siren head games, escape games and all types of spooky horror simulator games, but what you need is to play the Siren Head haunted house game.of all creepy pipe heads and diamond head stories you have heard and all of the evil scary death games you have played, this scary granny ‘s house key to unlock doors and escape ! find key of rooms to escape a scary atmosphere.if you like siren head ,this gmod mcpe scp 096 mod is for you! Try to stay alive and escape a scary death!
Siren Head Haunted house is siren head game, One of the best horror games ,haunted house games and 3am games you can play free. The scariest Creepy imposter monster will appear that looks like a zombie.
✏ What is the Story
You heard siren head sound at night and notice noise of your family is missing after they went to buy Ice Scream.Your Daughter liked granny, also was in love with a scary crazy teacher. Granny stood for her when she was sick, she hated the hospital but liked granny’s house.Escape from a scary abandoned house full of nightmares, dark monsters , ghosts , demons and ayuwoki nun monster!
✂ How to play
dont be a shy guy and Explore fearful abandoned mansions and scary dreadful mazes at each level of the game to find keys so you can unlock the doors.That’s why Siren Head haunted house in one of the best scary escape games and haunted games.It’s not granny or chucky, It is the killer maniac tornado siren. You may face evil nun and crazy neighbour, which will scare you to goosebumps and screams are blood-chilling. players’ souls are tired of terror, death and insomnia.Use pistol and fire ahead of Siren head to kill it quickly. Siren head monster comes from the family of Light head and pipehead monsters. Explore the ghost abandoned sovereign forest field to find weapons and save your family from whitehead pinhead monster. siren head is a monster living in abandoned ghost forest field atmosphere. Be careful From haunted spooky PipeHead house in the abandoned forest, Siren head can jumpscare you at any moment, never play alone in the dark. Escape Siren head to unlock more levels. discover houses in the forest and face to face with stalker Siren head.
Solve the puzzles in the maze and escape the terrifying siren head sound. Explore all secret abandoned places in the ghost forest field to find key , So many spooky abandoned houses to explore and find weapons. Unlike other horror creepy games, Escape is the key to survival! Search every spooky haunted house in the scary forest or you will be dead.Escape scary nun ghosts and endure evil jumpscare and experience a terrifying survival horror game. Siren head is brother of pipe head and light head and they are all cartoon monsters. Enjoy this adventure horror escape game! From all the haunted house games, Siren Head haunted house game has more jumpscare. If you want horror games for kids, this is not your game, our game will has tons of jumpscare you and feeling the anxiety of horror escape games. The siren’s head will always be nearby and jumpscare you or even attack you. experience chase and scary creatures in this free atmospheric horror game. Be ready to survive heart-thumping terror and the different thriller scary stories you will be trapped in while trying to beat Siren head. Like all scary escape games, you will have to find keys to escape. whitehead Siren head kill anybody caught by him in the forest.
Siren Head, also called Lamp Head or whitehead, is a hostile cryptid and urban entity created by Trevor Henderson.
all rights go to original creator Trevor Henderson.
-faster reload
-optimisation and fixes
-control improvement
APP ID: com.MoniPowergames.SirenHeadlegend1

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