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Exile Survival: Survival Game, Crafting & Building APK MOD

Exile Survival – Craft, build, fight with monsters .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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Many years ago the world was shaken by a disaster that destroyed an ancient developed civilization. Divided tribes try to survive on the ruins of the old world and explore ancestor legacy. You play the seeker who has lost his memory and is surrounded by enemies. How far are you willing to go for survival?..

Exile Survival is a new release in the series of offline survival games. You can explore the open world after the apocalypse with puzzles of the ancient civilization, lost technologies, many locations and different resources and recipes for crafting. Build your shelter, protect it from enemies, hunt beasts, fight against monsters, upgrade your hero and survive in the wasteland.

Game features:
— Create and customize your barbarian
We developed a comfortable window for your fast game start. You can create a brutal barbarian with many skin and hair colors, hairstyles, tattoos. After that you will be able to change your hero appearance anytime while playing.

— Try crafting and building mode
The game offers you a unique way of crafting new armor and weapons. You don’t depend on drops or luck: everything is in your hands! Gather resources and create whatever equipment you need.
When you get tired of battles you can come back home! Build the base to become stronger, craft all needed materials to turn your house into a real fortress. Leave a brutal world outside and find safety behind sacred walls of your shelter.

— Discover locations and collect resources
Exile is one of survival and adventure games and as we are truly Fallout fans we wanted to make a stylish game in a wasteland entourage and volcanoes. There are also jungles in the game world because it represents the source of ancient civilization life.
So we invite you to explore deadly desert wasteland survival, fight your way through sinister dungeons and engage in a brutal action in the disrupted remains of forsaken cities. In every location you can find the elder scrolls with unique resources which help you to reinforce your base, upgrade armor or craft transports.

— Fight in exciting battles against dangerous enemies
In the game you will meet many opponents: savages, scorpions, amazons, tigers, spiders and that’s just for start! The further you will advance through a wild world of Exile the more difficult opponents will stand on your way. Be prepared to meet mighty bosses and their henchmen. Craft weapons and armor to protect yourself from hoarders of enemies!

— Learn hunting and shooting
If you want to stay alive in severe westlands you need a shelter, a source of water and a lot of food. So be prepared to prop hunt, discover new locations and craft bows and crossbows!

— Find unique recipes and craft the motorcycle
The Exile world is so huge so you will need some transport. Visit locations in search of the most unique resources for energy motorcycles. Resources are rare but this motorcycle will serve you well!

— Meet mysterious traders and complete all quests
Figure out what happened with your hero and what disaster destroyed the world. In-game NPCs such as traders will help you to discover Exile world, return your inventory, finish a quest and even tell you legends about the past civilization.

— Track your hero needs and stay alive at all costs
Your barbarian is alive and needs to eat, drink and rest. So be careful and track his needs otherwise the barbarian might die and you’ll have to restart the game! Delightful realism of hero needs will help you completely immerse yourself in the dangerous world of Exile.

— Play with intuitive controls
Exile Survival brings the classic hack and slash action and rpg experience to the mobile platform. The intuitive controls let you fight through hordes of enemies, perform spectacular fatalities and enjoy stunning visuals.

Welcome to the original post-apocalyptic setting!

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We add a recycling table to the game: recycle items and receive valuable resources.

Hotfix: technical fixes
APP ID: com.pgstudio.exile.survival

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