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Boba Catcher! Casual Bubble Tea Boba Collecting APK MOD

Boba Catcher! Casual Bubble Tea Boba Collecting .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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Drink Bubble Teas & suck up as many Boba pearls as you can before the Bubble Tea is finished. Each Boba pearl you got is a chance to win prizes of gold coins, silver coins, Boba points or a cute Boba monster for your collection!

⭐Win Coins & Buy Bubble Teas!⭐Use gold coins or silver coins to buy Bubble Teas by different unlockable Bubble Tea Baristas. Each Bubble Tea comes with different unique Boba monster collections!

Silver coins will get you normal Bubble Teas with common Boba monster collections & gold coins get you special Bubble Teas containing rare Boba monsters!

Unlock & buy all the Bubble Teas to complete your cute Boba monsters collections!

⭐Unlock New Bubble Tea Baristas!⭐Collect as many unique Boba monsters as you can to unlock different Bubble Tea Baristas, each beautifully drawn with anime art style you can surely appreciate!

Not only that, every Bubble Tea Barista sells their own specialty Bubble Teas & Boba pearls, so be sure to unlock them all! ​

⭐Boba Straws Gacha!⭐Love the anticipation of a gacha or blind box reveal? Win Boba Tokens and enter the Boba Straw Gacha Shop quickly to exchange your Boba tokens for a common, rare or even a legendary Boba Straw Gacha!

Each Boba Straw Gacha gives you a chance to get a special reusable Boba Straw to drink your Bubble Tea with!

⭐Fun Reusable Boba Straws Everyone can Enjoy!⭐Every Boba Straw have beautiful unique designs, makes funny sound & special effects to make your Bubble Tea drinking experience much more fun! Children & adults alike are sure to enjoy discovering new Boba Tea straws & the different Bubble Tea drinking experience each straw brings!

There are many Boba straws to discover, be sure to collect them all!

⭐Easy to Pick Up, One Tap Control!⭐Boba Catcher is super easy to play & specially designed for comfortable one tap game play!

Your Boba Tea Straw will hover above your Bubble Tea. Just tap and your Boba Tea Straw will drop down like the claws of prize catchers, similar to claw machines or UFO catchers!

But instead of a prize with each catch attempt of claw machines, or UFO catchers, you can aim to get as many Boba pearls into your Boba Tea straw as you can!

Once the Boba tea straw reaches the bottom of the bubble tea, you’ll drink the Bubble Tea & Boba pearls will get sucked up the Boba Tea straws. Finish up your Bubble Tea to see what Boba surprises you’ve caught and won!

⭐Download and Play Now!⭐Don’t wait, download Boba Catcher now & start drinking Bubble Teas to catch cute Boba monsters for your cute Boba monster collections now!

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APP ID: com.zakkaplay.bobacatcher_collectbobateamonsters

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