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野生少女 1.0.25 APK MOD

野生少女 1.0.25 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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Animal anthropomorphic RPG “Wild Girl”
Developed by the original South Korean manufacturer Bluesom, this game is a turn-based RPG that combines strategy and cultivation. Players will be transformed into the legendary “rescuers”. Together with girls with various types of animal genes, they will regain those occupied by mechanical life. Human homeland!


The story originated in 2122 of the cosmic calendar…The expedition accidentally discovered ancient artificial intelligence-Mother
In order to allow humans to have better development, scientists have combined Mother and the human joint network Eve
But this decision did not bring about a bright future, artificial intelligence quickly controlled all areas of human activity
Only the last fortress, “Snow Field Shelter” is left.

Under the constant battle with machinery, human casualties continued to expand, and the shelter gradually became unable to stop the attack of machinery.
Human beings in desperate situation do not give up their last hope and use the last facility in the shelter
Synthesize the dominant genes of humans and animals and give birth to a new life—Anima
The flames of war continued to expand and spread, and the surviving Anima took the human fire and survived hard…

This is the story of Anima and “you” who survived a hundred years later.


◼︎Traditional Chinese version limited, special characters anthropomorphic debut
The unique species of birds “Blue Magpie” and “Emperor Pheasant”, incarnate as loli and queen, appear powerfully!

◼︎The final time has come, regaining the lost paradise of mankind
Millions of words plot content, the war between machines and humans, who? Is the master of Estonia.

◼︎LINK type unlock, fight side by side with the beast girl
Inherit the power of the legendary rescuer and liberate a new type of girl!

◼︎Mechanical RAID is coming, strategically match this style to attack
Cultivate roles, team up strategically, challenge BOSS, and break through mechanical blockades!

◼︎ Create a private cabin, with a unique style that is exclusive to you
Set up a private space for you and the girls, and do not forget to produce resources while fighting~


For more first-hand information about the game, please follow the official Facebook fan group:

*The content of this game involves sex and mild violence, and is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please consume appropriately according to your personal ability.
*Please pay attention to the game time to avoid excessive indulgence.
APP ID: com.poseidongame.wg

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