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诛仙手游-新马版 1.929.0 APK MOD

诛仙手游-新马版 1.929.0 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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1. 千里破敌 双形态变身灵活多变



2. 唯美场景 新地图有狐丘开放探索


1. Break through the enemy by a thousand miles, dual shape transformation, flexible and changeable

The Lieshan professional has an ultra-long range of attack, and is good at using powerful and precise shooting to cause heavy damage to the enemy from thousands of miles away. The unique movable power storage skill enables it to shoot explosively high power shooting while ensuring flexible movement.

The two unique transformation states also make Lieshan’s abilities more comprehensive, whether it is in the form of a spirit fox to deal with the enemy cleverly, or in the form of a fire, bombarding the enemy with a high burst, you can make Lieshan on the battlefield Invincible.

2. Beautiful scenes, the new map has Fox Hill open to explore

The Fox Hill is located on the shore of Surabaya. It is a warm southeast area, surrounded by mountains and water. Within the appearance of a paradise, ancient secrets of the gods are hidden. There are fox hills consisting of Surabaya, Zuiyuyuan, Biedongtian, Lieshan School Field, and Chidi Mausoleum. It lived in seclusion during the Lieshan clan era and guarded the secrets of the gods.

The Buddlefish Plain with strange flowers and weeds is full of mystery, and it also hides the true face of the Lieshan tribe. The shrine after passing through the cave reveals the nobility of the descendants of the gods of Lieshan. The crystal clear and holy sacred tree towers into the sky, and the unique palace is bathed in aura, like a dream. The secrets of the ancient gods are buried here, which has allowed the Lieshan clan to hide from the world for thousands of years, and rarely have contact with outsiders.


千里破敌 双形态变身灵活多变


唯美场景 新地图有狐丘开放探索


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