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蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース 1.2.0 APK MOD

蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース 1.1.50 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

Download last Version 蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース with direct link


【世界观 】
– 戦争は「ブルースフィア」の世界に残骸だけでなく、人々の強く深い思念を残した……

– 3Dレンダリングを使用した、爽快バトルリアルタイム海戦RPG
– 優れた艦隊編成と自由度の高い操作性、砲撃、魚雷と空襲の中致命傷を避け敵艦を殲滅、ブルースフィアの新しい道を切り開く。

【壮大スケールRPG、全ストーリーフルボイス 】
– 心を掴む、起伏に富んだストーリー、思わず引き込まれるメインストーリーと各戦姫の物語。指揮官が選ぶ答えは……
– 豪華声優陣による、120分を超えるフルボイスのメインストーリー。

【基地建設!ラクラク育成! 】
– 豊富で楽しめる箱庭的システム、あなたと戦姫専属の基地を建設、育成と戦姫の感情をトリガーにした各戦姫のストーリー。
– タップするだけ!基地で育成アイテムを生産可能、戦姫をラクラク育成。

安野 希世乃、山下七海、柚木尚子


“Blue Oath” is a 3D Senki real-time naval battle RPG, a lively 3D effect of Senki, motion capture used for all Senki, each Senki has a beautiful 2D standing picture, 2D and 3D Can be switched freely. With an AR camera function in the app, you can project a 3D war princess anywhere in real life.

 -The war left not only the wreckage but also the strong and deep thoughts of the people in the world of “Blue Sphere” …
Thoughts are mixed and gathered in the sea, and intense “Aus energy” is heard.
Then, by the development and operation of Auss energy, “Senki” was born.
The curtain of destiny slowly rises …

[Super refreshing sea battle]
 -Exhilarating battle real-time naval battle RPG using 3D rendering
 -Excellent fleet formation and high degree of freedom of operation, avoiding deadly injuries during bombardment, torpedoes and air raids, destroy enemy ships and open a new path for the blue sphere.

[Spectacular RPG, full story full voice]
 -A grabbing, ups and downs story, a main story that is drawn involuntarily and a story of each war princess. The answer chosen by the commander is …
 -A full voice main story of over 120 minutes by gorgeous voice actors.

[Base construction! Easy training! ]
 -An abundant and enjoyable miniature garden system, constructing a base dedicated to you and Senki, narrative of each Senki triggered by training and sentiment of Senki.
 -Just tap! It is possible to produce nurturing items at the base and easily nurture the war princess.

[Gorgeous voice actors]
Anami Asakura, Kana Azumi, Yui Ishikawa, M.A.O, Kanae Ito, Saori Onishi, Ayaka Ohashi
Himori Omori, Yui Ogura, Ai Chino, Ayako Kawasumi, Moe Kishimoto, Eri Kitamura, Akari Kito
Juri Kimura, Rie Kugimiya, Marika Takano, Ami Koshimizu, Yui Kondo, Rena Sakiya, Ayane Sakura
Ikumi Sato, Noriko Shimotaya, Shiori Sugiura, Tomoaki Takahashi, Rie Tanaka, Risa Taneda, Yukari Tamura
Sakura Tange, Minori Chihara, Megumi Toda, Haruka Tomatsu, Kaori Nazuka, Mamiko Noto, Ayane Harada, Yoko Hikasa
Rina Hidaka, Hitomi, Yui Horie, Kaede Hondo, Sui Matsuda, Nana Mizuki, Natsumi Murakami, Tohka Moriya
Kiyono Anno, Nanami Yamashita, Naoko Yuki
(Order of the Japanese syllabary)

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