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神命:天選之人 APK MOD

神命:天選之人 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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●請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷 。

●客服郵箱:[email protected]
[game features]
● Created with Unity3D, the picture is carefully carved ●
The game scenes are beautiful, but they have different styles. Nine You Mo Hai, Bingtian Dragon Valley, Lingxiao City, Jingyue Lake, and so on. Each picture is carefully crafted and devoted to build the world of the Eastern gods and monsters!

● Transforming the gods and turning the sky ●
Players can get anger value in battle. When the anger value is full, the god can be transformed. Chi You, son-in-law, Xuanyuan and other ancient gods are looking for candidates of the heavens, and who will you care for?

● God’s pet mount, flying soaring ●
The game provides a variety of cool god pet mounts, proud princess mermaid princess, charming fox fairy, promise you a lifetime, Yunhai Kunpeng, Chiyan Jinyu, super fierce but cute, accompany you to travel the sky!

● The battle between gods and demons, a thought of life and death ●
The game offers a variety of pvp gameplay. You can choose to fight alone and fight against the top of the clouds. You can also find like-minded allies, bravely break into the Supreme Temple, and fight for the hegemony!

● Everyone is a good-looking girl, a cute boy ●
The game provides exquisite appearances with various styles and rich varieties, or fashionable, classical, or beautiful, and strives to make every player a beautiful girl.

● Romantic Fairy Love, let you meet the right person ●
The game creates a beautiful antique wedding in all aspects, the title of out-of-print fairy tales, real child rearing, exclusive copies of love, exclusive concentric lock jewelry, and quickly find a loved dear person to bid farewell to singles!

● This software is classified as auxiliary level 12 according to the management method of game software.
● This game is free to use, and additional paid services such as virtual game coins and items are provided in the game;
● The content of this game involves violence (fighting), and the game character wears distinctive clothing;
● Please pay attention to game time and avoid addiction.

【contact us】
● Official Facebook homepage:
● Customer service email: [email protected]

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