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白髮謠 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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——The chaos of the thoughts, the sudden entanglement of life, only hope that the world will love peace of mind
– Love and hate, staggered into empty, full of green silk into snow, fortunately

[game background]
The confrontation between the two countries is not limited. In order to quell the war, the amnesia girl was sent to the enemy and relatives. In order to solve the mystery of life, the girl is incognito, but she is not expected to be trapped in a royal conspiracy…
He accompanied her to tea, and deceived the girl’s secret treasure with affection, how to grow up, love is in the heart but can not be said. She sang for him, stepping into the already well-designed love network, I thought I was looking for a lifetime of love, but in the end I was full of tears. Love and hate feelings and hatred, the girl holding a sword directly pointing to the person who loves, for the loss of the mind for love, for the love of the sky, sorrow, full of blue silk into the snow…
In the troubled times, for the love of white hair, is it a sweet companion, or… the destruction of fate? Your choice will open a completely different twin story…

[game features]
※For the love of the blue silk, the twins will be robbed.
Seven reincarnation seven reincarnations, no matter whether the final outcome is bitter or sweet, it will also protect this peerless sadism

※Strategy wins and creates a legendary showdown
The land battlefield is revived, the strategy wins to open the sword and the expedition, and the people are united in one heart and never have a team edge.

※Experience multiple love games, hand in hand to write romantic chapters
Real-life headshots bring the most authentic social, real-time voice chat, enjoy easy interaction, meet friends, love, and create the perfect world

※ Free market is free to buy and sell, everyone makes money and makes a fortune
All kinds of weapons and gem materials can be traded online, the password transaction price is locked, and the gods are not a dream.

※Opening the school, the joyful group is warm and romantic
泱泱Wulin Kaizong Lipai, together to form a united and warm home, create warm memories, accompanied by the rivers and lakes

※Innovative gameplay, at first sight
Lingyuan exploration incorporates the characteristic sound and play method, the twin spirits attack at full speed, test the absolute hand-eye coordination ability; more round-the-clock double income, the level wealth quickly accumulates

※This software is classified as auxiliary level 12 according to the classification method of game software.
※This software is free to download and has some paid content.
※Do not continue to use for a long time, and please rest moderately
APP ID: com.baify.gptw

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Unlimited money

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