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熱血江湖 – 唯一正版授權 APK MOD

熱血江湖 – 唯一正版授權 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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“Hot Blood Jianghu Mobile Edition” is the only authentic Korean license, with fresh and bright game scenes, lively and cute characters, and humorous game plots, creating a relaxed and happy world of rivers and lakes. The game re-enacts a series of classic content such as terminal travel classes, maps, pets, weapons, gems, and more Martial arts. At the same time, players will also experience the fun of dual growth between good and evil, the smoothness of creating a unique martial arts, the joyful enmity of free PK in the wild, and the passionate battle brought by the cross-server showdown between good and evil forces! Let us join hands with our dear friends, youth and passion, and continue the world!

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[Hand in hand through the demon tower]
Let’s pursue the memories of the former fairy sword together. The joint version of “Hot Blood Jianghu Mobile Version” and “The Legend of Sword and Fairy One” shocked! The ruins of the Locking Demon Tower span time and space and descend on the world of rivers and lakes. The classic fairy sword ghosts such as the King of Prisons, the King of Red Ghosts, and the Pensive Ghost have all appeared on the stage, waiting for the challenge of the knights! With the arrival of the ruins of the lock demon tower, the rivers and lakes will surely open new legends!

[Transformation of the Heavenly Snake Rod]
The new quagmire Nvwa form has arrived. Fumo Flower Spirit Sword, Xuanwu Breaching Bow… In addition to the classic eight magic weapons, there are dozens of new magic weapons in Jianghu, and new magic weapons are constantly coming out. The Celestial Sword and Snake Stick also came along with the broken Demon Locking Tower through time and space, waiting for the new master to call!

[Sword Fashion Show]
Incarnate Xiaoyao brother looking for your soul in the dream. Restore the classic costumes of the 4 heroes of the Fairy Sword, help the knights to find the touch of the past, and carry out COSPLAY to the end! There are also nearly a hundred sets of various styles of fashion, as well as various appearance parts such as weapon fashion, mounts, pets, martial arts back ornaments, footsteps and special effects, which can be changed at will.

[Jian Hu continued youth]
Restore the world of good and evil martial arts. In addition to the appearance of maps, occupations, NPCs, BOSS and other content, “Blood Jianghu Mobile Edition” highly restores the classics of terminal games, and also reproduces the world view settings and gameplay that everyone misses. The grievances between the righteous and evil factions have triggered a thousand-year dispute in the martial arts, and multiple job transfers have created a generation of supreme.

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