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烟雨江湖 0.124.31847 APK MOD

煙雨江湖 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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2021 超沉浸單機武俠 RPG 大作—–『煙雨江湖』火熱下載中!








太乙、少林、泠月、蒼狼、天刀五大門派,鼎足天下。棍拳劍槍刀,各具特色。從門派任務到上乘武學,你或可成為門派掌門,或可叛門拜師,你,可以練就所有武功,成就一個人的武林! 最真實武林情境,由你選擇!



2021 Super immersive stand-alone martial arts RPG masterpiece—–“Yanyujianghu” is currently being downloaded!


Ultra-immersive stand-alone martial arts RPG game “Yanyu Jianghu”
This is the martial arts you have been waiting for!

Remember, you used to play games and watch dramas that were emotionally moved to tears?
Do you still remember the fun of playing games and going to the community to find strategies in the past?
Remember when you used to play games, you wanted to search everywhere to find treasures?

“Amidst the Rain” will break your imagination of hand-playing games, and integrate a million-word ups and downs story script with an endless world of rivers and lakes. You will be here to explore the ultra-deep plot, unlock new maps infinitely, and enjoy the most authentic stand-alone martial arts game!

[Game Features]
[Open world, giving you the wildest free experience]
The endless map of martial arts, let you travel freely, participate in festivals, walk all over the desert and snow-capped mountains, looking for strange people and strangers. The most open world, super rich hidden easter eggs, waiting for you to “search”!

[Millions of words plot, creating the most immersive martial arts in the world]
Freely explore the NPC plot, the ultimate interactive experience, each of your choices will randomly trigger different rivers and lakes events. Use the way of play to unlock the main and branch lines of the Yanyujianghu story!

[Unlock the secrets of Qianben martial arts, who you are is up to you]
Iron cloth shirt, Heavenly Sword Jue, Lingbo Weibu, Five Poison Palms, Veduo Mind… world martial arts, thousands!
You will visit various martial arts halls, challenge the recluses of the rivers and lakes, acquire various martial arts secrets, practice martial arts routines outside, and communicate meridians and heart methods inside. The floats you have trained are real and visible!

[World Schools, all proficient in]
The five martial arts of Taiyi, Shaolin, Lingyue, Canglang, and Heavenly Sword are all in the world. Guns, swords, guns and swords, each with its own characteristics. From martial arts missions to superior martial arts, you may become the head of the martial arts, or you may betray the martial arts to be a teacher. You can practice all martial arts and achieve a person’s martial arts! The most authentic martial arts situation is up to you!

[Various ways to play in the daily life of the rivers and lakes, you can practice a stunt]
Those who walk the rivers and lakes must possess unique skills. In addition to martial arts, you will also learn a variety of daily skills, fishing, wine, alchemy, alchemy and forging…all the ancient skills you want to learn, there are all here! 

[Combined masters, take turns in battle]
Partners in the rivers and lakes have their own strengths, there are doctors, civilians, and orphans in the rivers and lakes. Through different events, you will make friends with extraordinary qualifications, develop their talents freely, learn a variety of classic formations, face the enemy, and slash the green forest!

APP ID: com.wuxia.novastar

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