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日替わり内室 3.2 APK MOD

日替わり内室 3.1 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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— 政績アップ、野望が盛んな庶民でも皇室に上り詰め、貴族となれる。

— 国の農業、商業、兵力を経営、資源を合理的に配分し、民衆の生活を豊にしよう。

— 中国の三国、日本の戦国の著名な英雄らを募集、育成し、一歩ずつ強くなろう。

— リアルタイムで東方、西方などの美人を呼び寄せ、親密度を高め、妻に冊封し、新たな恋を始めよう。

— 官界はまさに戦場、自ら著名な戦争に参戦し、邪悪勢力を討伐。政治陰謀を暴き、裁きを下そう。

— 妻と子作りし、後継を残そう。他プレイヤーと政治結婚し、家族と連盟の勢力を拡大。

— 物語をクリアし、新しい出会いを求めよう、あなたが次に出会うのは一体だれ???
“Daily Interior” is an up-and-coming romantic RPG smartphone game from ancient China. Although he is a poor talented person at the start, he overcame the difficulties and was selected for his honor, and he got up. Let’s open the love mode of beautiful women from around the world who are waiting 24 hours a day, and have a romance experience like a king! A whole new life is waiting for you, will you become a loser? Or do you strike back and go up to the king? Will you continue to be single? Or do you bring a beautiful woman home every day? Destiny is right in your hands!

There are various ways to play in the “daily room”, and there is always one that suits you.

“Official promotion”
— Even ordinary people with improved politics and ambition can reach the imperial family and become nobles.

“Resource collection”
— Manage the country’s agriculture, commerce and troops, allocate resources reasonably and enrich the lives of the people.

— Recruit and train prominent heroes of the three countries of China and Sengoku of Japan, and become stronger step by step.

“Beautiful love”
— Bring in beautiful girls from the east and west in real time, increase intimacy, enclose them with your wife, and start a new love.

“Government game”
— The government world is participating in a battlefield, a well-known war, and subjugating the evil forces. Let’s uncover and judge the political plot.

“Successor upbringing”
— Let’s make a child with my wife and leave a successor. Married politically with another player and expanded the power of the family and the League.

“Daily visit”
— Who will you meet next to clear the story and seek new encounters? ? ?




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