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戰國名將傳 APK MOD

戰國名將傳 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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【Game introduction】
The strategic SRPG mobile game “The Legend of the Warring States” is based on the historical and historical facts [Preface of the Three Kingdoms] as a background, fighting for the Seven Kingdoms and then playing in the battlefield to create the seven national camps “Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei”! Only in the market! Multi-player gameplay of super-destructible country wars, making you the king of elite! The authentic prequel of the Three Kingdoms is on the verge of being triggered, and the king of the king is you!

▸ Celebrate anniversary, double happiness
To celebrate the one-year-old birthday of “Sengoku Masters”, the official has planned a series of anniversary feedback plans! Be the first to release an appointment event for the new military commander “Li Shunchen”, bringing players the most different historical battles! As long as the appointment is completed, you can get the anniversary package and the chance to win the latest military commander “Sea Lord Li Shunchen”!

▸ Thousands of lineups, free configuration
Innovation! The values ​​are accurately checked to create a fully-balanced character value system, a passionate SRPG strategy card mobile game, a hundred famous players and a thousand lineups are matched by your preference, and daily challenges will challenge your strategic soul! Gorgeous unparalleled special effects, exquisite picture quality! Let you show off your cool skills!

▸A variety of systems, you ca n’t get tired of it
Beiming Giant Kun, Dungeon Treasure Hunt, Artifact Tower, General Tour, Tournament Play, Siming System …
Ten-thousand-national war, strategic duel! Really experience the state management, intimate beauty, general formation, and city-by-city strategy. Super difficult Diablo Boss wheel war strategy gameplay, brother, join my legion and come to a fierce fighting battle! “The Legend of the Warring States”, with you, I can fight!

▸Designed by famous Asian painters
Characters are drawn by well-known painters from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. The character cards are beautiful and meticulous, and the domineering sense breaks the table!
Each military commander’s character expression, awakening breakthrough, cool skills, and playful sense. Easily travel through thousands of years of history, rare classic characters of the Warring States Period, all only in “Sengoku Legends”!

▸Wealth Cornucopia, you can take good health
The pub is free for 10 consecutive draws. The first emperor Qin Wang, the monarch of the sea, and the world’s famous generals are in your hands!
The generals are not deterred from upgrading, the inheritance is free, and it doubles happily!
Enthusiastic SRPG people have a lot of fun, and they are full of ambitions and fun! Only in “The Legend of Sengoku”!

【Official community】
【Official website】

APP ID: com.ryzg.novastar

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