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フェアリードール[無料で遊べる妖精育成着せ替えゲーム] 1.1.27 APK MOD

フェアリードール[無料で遊べる妖精育成着せ替えゲーム] 1.1.27 .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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お勉強・お仕事中の他のオーナーのフェアリードールに「よこやり」を行えます。 よこやりされたフェアリードールは「困惑」してしまいますが、オーナーが「応援」 することで「熱中」状態となり、普段よりも良い結果を得られるようになります。

Princess like only Kimi living in the phone!
Chitchaku’ super cute healing fairies to foster dress-up game that she can arrange to their liking “Fairy Doll” appeared to GooglePlay.
While being healed in cuteness of Fairy Doll, Let enjoy the nurturing life!

**** Game introduction ****

To live together with the doll fairy has lodged “Fairy Doll” to carry happiness, let’s nurture the Fairy Doll.
Your favorite hairstyle and clothes, accessories, of course, such as the possible Kohde personality type and skin color!
Princess and Nekomimi girl, such as such as angels, trying to foster in the world cute healing Fairy Doll of your own! !

Features **** of **** game

★ trying to foster Fairy Doll ★

■ chat
And chatting with his Fairy Doll. There are cases where choices are displayed in the chat, the favorability and tone of Fairy Doll will change by the selection.
In addition to the favorability and tone is higher the better the results of the “your study” or “your work”, reaction at the time of the chat favorability increases will continue to change.

■ A study
By performing your study, it will rise a “personality value,” according to the study you selected.
“Personality type” can be obtained by accumulating the character value to a specific numeric value.
This is the nature of the Fairy Doll by setting the “personality type” changes, such as the tone at the time of the chat will change.

■ your job
When you do your job, can be put in the game in hand the money “Jewel” to purchase item in the game, using this “Jewel” is the new costumes available.

★ high degree of freedom to customize ★

Once you have won the personality type and Jewel went to train, let’s get the costume shop and Gacha! The color of the skin in addition to hairstyle, eye type, access is also possible change.
In addition, certain of the costume, you can change to another costume that let you earn cp (change point) by combining with another costume.

★ Let’s play with a friend ★

■ Yokoyari
You can do “Yokoyari” in addition to the owner of the Fairy Doll in your study, your work. Yokoyari been Fairy Doll will be “confused”, but the owner is the “enthusiasm” state by “support”, you should be able to obtain better results than usual.

■ Fairy Magic
It is magic that can change the Fairy Doll of other owners in the appearance of their Fairy Doll. And the Meippai fashionable, trying to boast their own Fairy Doll to a friend!

フェアリードール[無料で遊べる妖精育成着せ替えゲーム] 1.1.27 screenshots 1

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