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クレーンゲームパラダイス-クレパラ クレーンゲームで遊ぼう APK MOD

クレーンゲームパラダイス-クレパラ クレーンゲームで遊ぼう .APK Mod Money is a Adventure game for Android

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You can play crane games on your smartphone! Play a realistic crane game!
There are more than 1000 kinds of prizes! Let’s play the popular crane game with the app!

■ Crane game app recommended for such people!
・ I want to play a crane game and get a prize while staying at home
・ I want to play a crane game without worrying about the place and time
・ I want to operate various types of crane games
・ I want to get my favorite prize with UFO Catcher
・ I have never played the Crane Game app
・ I often use arcades, so I want to practice crane games online.
・ I like easy-to-operate crane games
・ I want to experience the excitement of taking a prize with a UFO catcher
・ I want to share the prizes I got from the crane game with my friends on SNS and enjoy it.

■ What is Kurepara (crane game paradise)?
Kurepara is an application that allows you to play crane games online. You can play the crane game anytime and anywhere.
You can also play for free, so feel free to play Kurepara (crane game paradise) first!

■ Features of Crane Game Paradise
・ You can choose the prize you want to get from more than 1000 kinds of prizes.
・ You can play a realistic crane game that is the same as the game center.
・ Can be played on various types of crane game machines

■ Flow until playing with Kurepara
1. Choose the prize and the crane game machine you want to play!
2. Once you have decided on the crane game you want to play, play the game!
3. Easy operation of the crane with simple buttons that anyone can understand!
4. When you get the prize, you can complete the delivery procedure and the prize will be delivered to your home!

You can play with various game machines at Kurepara!
Crane Game Paradise offers a wide variety of crane game machines.

・ The simplest crane game machine to pinch and take prizes
・ Crane game machine that drops ping-pong balls and aims for hits
・ A bridge that requires a technique to shift and drop prizes
We have various crane game machines such as!

It is also good to take prizes efficiently on your favorite platform!
It is also good to capture a crane game that is difficult to set up!
Enjoy the crane game according to your play style!

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